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Social Skills

Kids talking at a table at school after social skill therapy at Cross The Bridge Counseling in Middletown and Rock Hill, NY

Cross the Bridge Counseling is happy to assist parents with the development of their children’s social skills through our weekly, 45-minute Social Skills Group.

Our therapeutic staff will interact with the children to enhance social skills found in normal classroom activity. We find that, sometimes, when the combination of people in a familiar environment shifts, further opportunities to explore growth and development arise.

Some benefits for the children include:

  • Increased Attention
  • Increased Self-Esteem
  • Improved Sharing Skills
  • Improved Patience
  • Improved Coping
  • Tolerance of Others
  • Learning Boundaries
  • Handling Change
  • Accepting Transitions

You and your children’s teacher should expect to see behavioral changes. Children may have happier classroom experiences, and their attitudes about organized learning experiences may improve, which leads to fewer problems down the road.

Parents could see an improvement in their child’s desire to approach new situations readily and without fear. Our ultimate goal is to assist the children in being better prepared to meet the social expectations of their world.

To learn more about our Social Skills Group, or to hear about our social skills development techniques, give us a call at (845) 342-5789.

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