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Evaluations & Assessments

We may ask you to perform one of four evaluations and assessments prior to treatment, including:

  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • General Mental Health
  • Anger

These assessments help us gain a better understanding of your history with the issues you wish to resolve, your past difficulties in dealing with the issues at hand, and may also help us develop a path for skill development and behavioral improvement. In the event that your therapy is the result of some prior legal trouble, these baseline evaluations and assessments help us form a solid foundation on which we can track your progress.

A little bit more information about each evaluation can be found below.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

We determine whether you or your child has fallen into an alcohol or substance abuse problem. The fee for this service is $275.

Anger Assessment

These assessments are typically performed for criminal courts. Our anger assessments are performed for a fee of $275 and are geared toward presenting a court a full picture of you as a person.

If you are interested in our assessments, please give us a call at (845) 342-5789.

*Note – We do not accept Sex Offenders

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