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How Therapy May Help With Anxiety

Although it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious now and then, intense or chronic anxiety can be a debilitating experience. Dealing with persistent feelings of worry and nervousness can make life difficult, but therapy can provide the tools necessary to cope.

Symptoms of Anxiety


Feeling anxiety before an exciting or daunting experience like a performance, a test, or a first date is normal. However, many individuals suffer from intense or chronic anxiety that is overwhelming and recurring. Some deal with anxiety that is “out of nowhere”—that is, they are simply anxious without a stimulus to be anxious about. Anxiety sufferers may also have intrusive or obsessive thoughts and can even have physical reactions to their anxiety such as racing heartbeats, trembling, dizziness, sweating, and insomnia.

Receiving Therapy for Anxiety

Therapy is a collaborative process where patients and therapists work together to determine the cause of anxiety and develop concrete methods to mitigate and cope with anxiety. Although most patients only see a therapist an hour per week, the process of therapy is ongoing. Therapists will often invite patients to practice their new skills while they are away. According to the American Psychological Association, the majority of patients who seek therapy for anxiety experience reduced or eliminated symptoms in eight to ten sessions.

What Therapy for Anxiety May Look Like

Every therapist has a slightly different technique and method when it comes to treating anxiety. After performing an evaluation, many use a common form of therapy called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT. In this process, patients learn how to identify thoughts that may be at the root of anxiety, challenge thoughts that may arise during feelings of anxiety, and use healthy coping skills or behaviors to mitigate the feelings.

Receiving treatment for anxiety may be daunting, especially if you feel anxious about the process. Our therapy staff at Cross The Bridge Counseling has years of experience treating anxiety in children, teens, and adults, and is available for therapy at our two locations in Middletown and Rock Hill, NY. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (845) 342-5789 today.

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