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Choosing a Therapist for an Adopted Child

Choosing to adopt can be a challenge for parents because it requires a new type of relationship with the adopted child. Parenting is a lifelong job, and the right guidance and support are imperative. New environments might be challenging for an adopted child, and it is the responsibility of the parents to notice any form of behavioral change. In the event a child has some troubling behavior, therapy is one of the best directions a parent can take.

Finding an Adoption-Competent Therapist

Finding a child therapist who is adoption-competent will assist in tackling issues such as attachment, grief, anxiety, and trauma. When considering adopted children, past experiences might influence their behavior; therefore, a therapist with expertise in adoption can help to determine the source of trauma. The therapist can assist the child with past experiences and also guide parents on helpful ways to live together. If the child experiences anxiety issues, therapists can often offer anxiety therapy.

The Right Approach to Therapy

Child therapists should be dedicated to working with the family to ensure the adopted child receives the right care in the best possible environment and feels secure. An adopted child may have attachment issues that could bar them from creating a relationship with the adoptive family. Child therapists who have a history with adopted children understand the intricacies and challenges adopted children face and are in a better position to offer counseling sessions that will help them to adapt to their new environment. Thus, choosing an experienced therapist is essential in the treatment process.

Weighing Therapy Options

There are many different choices when it comes to deciding on the therapy style that works best for a family. Parents can opt to utilize child therapists with experience in behavioral challenges to help with any specific issues that the child might have. Family therapy is another avenue that allows a therapist to balance the needs of the adoptive family and the child. Group therapy brings together individuals with similar problems to helps them navigate through. A child therapist who understands adoption needs will help make the coping process more manageable, so parents should not shy away from seeking help after adoption.

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