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Anger Management

A man at a desk pulling his hair representing anger management training available at Cross The Bridge Counseling in Middletown and Rock Hill, NY

Uncontrolled and mismanaged anger is the number-one cause of divorce and all estrangements. Anger itself is not often the chief issue, but the mismanagement of anger can be extremely damaging to the important relationships in your life.

Of course, there will be conflict in our personal relationships. There is bound to be conflict from time to time simply because we are each so unique in terms of our background and the values and pasts that we bring with us into our relationships. These differences are bound to lead to occasional or even frequent conflicts and disputes. When we do not know how to handle the frustration of these conflicts appropriately, we will mismanage them every single time. Eventually, the accumulated disgust from our failed attempt to resolve our conflicts leads to the deterioration and sometimes end of our relationships.

Cross the Bridge Counseling is determined to help you solve your anger management issues. Our process begins with investigating the nature of your own anger, as it is a part of you and comes from your past value system. Your anger says something about you, and you alone — and you must find out what it is about you that makes you vulnerable to your triggers in the first place, especially those anger reactions which are way out of proportion to the reality of the situation.

If you have experienced an out-of-proportion reaction to an event or occurrence in your life, or the action of a spouse, it is worth considering anger management counseling — especially if a reaction has involved physical violence.

At Cross the Bridge Counseling, we help you investigate and find out why your reactions are so drastic.

Our 12-week program identifies the patterns of suppressing past anger until the pressures, tensions, and stress you’ve experienced become intolerable. We work on developing new coping mechanisms to help you detour your thoughts from spiraling out of control. Victory will be yours in your many areas of your life.

To sign up, please call our office to set up an assessment appointment prior to beginning your anger management therapy. You must develop a log of background information with a therapist prior to beginning treatment.

Please call us at (845) 342-5789 to set up your assessment appointment.

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